Venture Partner Qatar Introduces Add-On HR Services

Venture Partner Qatar Introduces Add-On HR Services

Venture Partner Qatar HR Services was developed with one goal in mind - to offer add on services enabling our clients to focus on their company set up and core business activities. Our dedicated team of experts offer professional HR services that are completely customised to individual company requirements. Our HR Services packages offer the following:

HR Admin Support

Handling of employees’ HR documentation can be a laborious activity that takes up valuable time and resources. Venture Partner Qatar can take this administrative burden away by providing you with a variety of HR Admin Support Services inclusive of;

  • Maintenance of HR files for employees
  • HR template letters and NOCs
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employment Offer Letters
  • HR policies

HR Consultancy

As part of our collaboration with a specialist HR Consultancy Firm, we offer HR advisory services covering the Reward, Performance and Organisation Design areas of HR. We work closely with our clients to develop bespoke HR frameworks, policies and processes aligned to their HR requirements and corporate strategy. This enables our clients to draw flexibly on specialist advice whilst providing additional professional resources during critical periods or for specific projects.

Recruitment Solutions

In partnership with some of the region’s leading recruitment agencies we offer temporary, contract and permanent staffing solutions. We work alongside our recruitment partners to ensure that you have the right people in your organisation at the right time.

Why use Venture Partner Qatar HR Services?

  • TIME: HR processes can be a time-consuming task that can prevent managers from spending time on core business activities. Outsourcing HR Services, for example operating payroll or maintaining employee HR files will ensure effective and consistent HR delivery and increased efficiency without any time consumption from the company.
  • COST: Outsourcing HR Services can work out to be more cost effective than having an internal HR function especially for smaller companies where the HR demand will not be as great as larger companies. In cases where there is limited HR presence or specialist HR knowledge in a company, use of the advisory and recruitment solutions could be a cost-effective model, ensuring that such cost is taken only when specific projects or recruitment needs arise.
  • EXPERTISE: Companies with a generalist only or limited HR function can access expert recruiters and HR specialists to support the delivery of specialised, critical, or time sensitive projects/hires.

For more details, please speak to one of our team members on +974 4478 8765 or email

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