How to Apply for a Dependant Visa in Qatar

How to Apply for a Dependant Visa in Qatar

How to Apply for a Dependant Visa in Qatar.

All non-Qatari nationals wishing to live in Qatar will require a Residence Permit, referred to as a ‘RP’. To obtain a Residence Permit, a Qatari employer is required, either a company or an individual. It is the responsibility of the employer to organise such permits for their employees. Once a Residence Permit has been granted, you will be eligible to sponsor your immediate family members, which includes your spouse and children.

Every expatriate who wishes to live in Qatar, including infants, must have an individual Resident’s Permit to legally live in the country, these visas are typically granted for up to a period of five years, dependant on the length of residence for the head of the family. So how do you apply for a visa for a dependant in Qatar?

Step One: Before an application is made, you must consider the following:

  • Profession: To be able to sponsor your family, your visa must be under the professional visa category. Visas under the labour category may not be permitted to sponsor dependants.
  • Salary: Your salary must be QAR10,000 or more, if your base salary is under this value but you have accommodation allowance &/or other allowances which total to this minimum salary, this must be noted in your employment contract.
  • Tenancy Contract: Accommodation proof is a must when applying for a dependant visa. If your salary is QR 10,000 you should show that you are granted accommodation allowance or that you have company accommodation, either of which should be noted in your employment contract. If your salary is above QR10,000 you will only need to submit a tenancy contract attested by the Qatar Municipality.
  • Marriage Certificate: If your marriage certificate was granted outside of Qatar, the original document needs to be attested in the embassy of the country in Qatar and then by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Step Two: Submit your application

You need to submit your application for dependant visa at the Gharaffa Immigration office in Madinat Khalifa. The following documents are required:

  • A copy of your ID card
  • Passport and visa copy
  • A copy of your employment contract
  • Original, attested tenancy contract
  • Six month bank statement provided and stamped from your bank
  • Copy of an attested education certificate
  • NOC from your company of employment in Arabic. This NOC must mention your name, nationality, QID, profession, salary, accommodation allowance (if applicable), spouse/child’s name and their passport number
  • Spouse/child passport copy

Step Three: The next steps after application:

  1. Once you have made your official application, a receipt will be provided with an application number which can be tracked on the Ministry of Interior website
  2. If the application is still in process after 7 working days you should follow up at the Ministry of Interior in person
  3. Once the application has been approved, you must make the necessary payment
  4. Once the payment has been made your spouse will be required to undergo a medical fitness test, including blood test and chest x-ray. Please note that a copy of the printed visa must be on hand including QR 100 for the medical cost.
  5. You will receive the medical report after 3 working days
  6. After receiving the approved medical report, biometrics will be required at the Mesaimeer Immigration – this is applicable for a 1 year and a 5 year QID.
  7. Once the printed QID is collected, you can get your dependant’s visa stamped in their passport.

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