Setting Up a Company in Oman

Setting Up a Company in Oman

Why Set a Company in Oman?

Oman’s economic strength and contemporary trading approach makes the county an attractive place to conduct business, specifically for the logistics sector. The Omani government has solid international trade agreements with numerous countries, this has widened the prospect of foreign investment which overall boosts businesses of all sizes.

What Types of entity options are available in Oman?

There are various legal forms that a company in Oman can take such as Limited Liability Company, Branch Office, Representative Office, Sole Establishment, Free Zones and Commercial Agent (Exclusive Distributor).

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most commonly used vehicle for setting up in Oman as a foreign investor and is often the only choice for many business activities. An LLC can be formed by a maximum of fifty shareholders whose liability is limited to their shares in the company’s capital. At least 30% of the shares in the company should be owned by an Omani National(s) or a 100% Omani owned Company.

What is the process of setting up a business in Oman?

Below are the steps related to the incorporation as well as post incorporation process that are applicable in most of the company set up cases.

Step One: Determine the legal form and activities of the business

Step Two: Apply for a Commercial Registration

Step Three: Apply for a Chamber of Commerce Certificate

Step Four: Apply for regulatory approvals

Step Five: Apply for a Municipality License

Step Six: Register the Company with the Ministry of Finance

Step Seven: Open a business bank account

Step Eight: Register the company with the Ministry of Manpower

Step Nine: Apply for employee visas

How can Venture Partner Qatar assist?

Venture Partner Qatar facilitates all the procedures and legalities involved in establishing and maintaining a commercial entity in Oman, from Commercial Registration to Professional Corporate Nominee Services and then all relevant PRO and Visa Services.

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