How to work under spouse visa in Qatar

How to work under spouse visa in Qatar

- Paulina Zalewska-Dzieciuchowicz

How to work under spouse visa in Qatar

In Qatar, the employer of a sponsored worker can extend sponsorship to the accompanying spouse, provided that the relevant legal requirements are met.

Once the legal requirements, such as salary and suitable housing are met, the accompanying family member may obtain a residence permit to settle in Qatar long term under Family Sponsorship.

Before the accompanying spouse can start to work, a work permit / labour card must be approved and issued by the government.

How do you apply for a work permit?

The process for applying for a Labour card for women (with husband as a sponsor) requires preparation of numerous documents.

The documents required for a first-time applicant include:

  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC), completed by spouse
  • Police Clearance from country of origin
  • Work contract x3
  • Copy of the establishment card (company computer card)
  • Copy of passport and Qatar ID
  • Copy of certified academic certificates (dependent on job title)
  • Copy of the current sponsor's ID
  • Photograph with blue background

For applicants who have been previously employed, additional documents may be required which could include the following. This is dependent on the industry within which the applicant was previously employed.

  • Letter of resignation or statement of termination of services
  • Contracts (3x original copy)
  • A letter of approval from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (public schools, private schools and kindergartens)
  • Book from the Family Affairs Department - Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (for Nurseries)
  • A letter of approval from the Social Development Centre (Salons)

The Labour Card Process

Application Process Part 1:

  1. All documentation and the application form must be submitted to the Ministry of Administration Development, Labour and Social Affairs
  2. Submit for local Police Clearance Certificate and pay associated fees QAR 10, either in person at the Criminal Evidence and Information Department (CEID) or online through Metrash

    Application Process Approval Confirmation (3-7 working days)
  3. Collect Police Clearance from CEID

    Application Process Part 2:
  4. Final submission of all documentation, register the work contract and pay remaining government fees
  5. Labour Card is available for collection

The labour card / work permit is valid for one year and is subject to annual renewal.

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