• QFZA and Alfardan Automotive sign strategic partnership to establish regional logistical hub -

    Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) and Alfardan Automotive, a subsidiary of one of the leading local and regional conglomerates, Alfardan Group, announced the signing of a strategic collaboration agreement to establish a regional logistical hub for different vehicles, means of transport, and spare parts among many others at the Qatar Free Zones.

    Alfardan Automotive’s regional centre will be located in the mobility industries cluster in Umm Al Houl Free Zone, located near Hamad Port – a greenfield mega port – enhancing trade through the port and increasing the volume of goods passing through it. The centre will cover an area of more than 67,000sqm and will utilise the latest logistics systems and processes to import vehicles, heavy equipment, motorcycles, and spare parts to meet markets demand, as well as develop human capital.

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  • Qatar promotes technological development and digital transformation by launching of 4th M-VAULT 4 Data Center -

    The new data center building hosts Microsoft Cloud data center offering cloud services to customers in Qatar, the region, and the world. The new data center building will further contribute to the acceleration of Qatar’s digital transformation agenda and support a smarter, more technologically advanced economy. The building is considered the biggest data center in Qatar.

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  • Mobile Office for Ministry of Justice Services Available in Mall of Qatar -

    The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in Qatar has provided a mobile public service office in front of the Mall of Qatar (West Gate No. 2) to provide the Ministry's services of documenting and authenticating documents as well as real estate registration services to the public. The service will run in consideration to the circumstances and needs of citizens who need to complete transactions in a timely manner.

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  • The Supreme Judiciary Council Qatar announces 42 new online services for individuals & litigants -

    The Qatar Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC) has announced that the number of online services provided by SJC for individuals and litigants via the smart courts portal has reached 42 online services, which are accessed via the account of National Authentication System (Tawtheeq).

    Among the main services are registration services including civil lawsuits and family, post-judgement request services including an appeal report on criminal lawsuit and other services.

    Other online services are query services that include searching for a case number, inquiring about judgements and inquiring about lawyers, judge assistants, hearing schedules and other services.

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  • Qatar - MoCI focuses on consumer protection during FIFA World Cup -

    The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) in Qatar, in cooperation with the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), started organising training workshops on the essential measures to protect consumers and combat commercial fraud during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

    MoCI is keen to raise the efficiency of judicial control officers, develop their capabilities, and provide them with new methods and means to distinguish between original and counterfeit goods of all forms and types.

    As a consequence, the companies operating in Qatar may expect in 2022 further guidelines and regulations implemented to protect consumers.

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  • Qatar & Oman look to enhance cooperation ties to advance the interest of the entrepreneurs from both countries -

    HH Deputy Amir Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al Thani, HH Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Personal Representative of HH the Amir, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, and a number of ministers attended the meeting this Monday with Omani delegation, HH Deputy Prime Minister for Defense Affairs Shihab bin Tarek Al Said, and other members of the staff.

    The officials witnessed the signing of the agreements on 1) military cooperation that aims to enhance bilateral military cooperation, and 2) agreement on avoiding double taxation and evasion of income taxes and capital levies, 3) a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of labour and human resources, 4) an agreement in the investment field between Qatar Investment Authority and Oman Investment Authority, 5) a cooperation agreement in the field of tourism and hospitality, 6) an agreement in the field of maritime transport and ports.

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  • Those vaccinated outside can get Covid booster dose in Qatar -

    Dr Soha al-Bayat, head of Vaccination at the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) confirmed that those who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine outside Qatar can be given the booster dose of one of the two vaccines (in Qatar), Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna.

    She also indicated that privileges and relaxations granted to vaccinated people may change for those who do not take the Covid-19 vaccine booster dose and their immunity wanes after 12 months from the second dose.

    The MoPH had recently announced that all individuals who received their second Covid-19 vaccine dose at least six months ago are now eligible for a booster dose. As per Dr al-Bayat “The latest studies have proven that after six months of the second dose, immunity decreases. This is why we took the decision to give the booster dose after sixth months have passed since the second dose, and change it from eight months, based on the recent information we received.

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  • General Tax Authority in Qatar launches new services on Dhareeba Portal -

    General Tax Authority (GTA) in Qatar has announced the launch of 11 new online services via Dhareeba Tax Portal offering taxpayers an easier and faster way of using these services. The latest services by the General Tax Authority, simplify tax procedures, and meet the future requirements of the State that include achieving the complete link between all companies directly related to tax operations to achieve the strategy and vision of Qatar 2030.

    According to GTA website, the new online services are as follows:

    1. Objections against decisions issued by the General Tax Authority;
    2. Appeal - a service that enables taxpayers to file grievances against the decisions issued by the General Tax Authority before the two Tax Grievance Committees;
    3. Income Tax (downloading and uploading the file in Microsoft Excel format);
    4. Suggestions and Complaints, including filing reports on suspicions of tax evasion;
    5. Financial Transaction History - a service to view a detailed statement of all the financial tax transactions regarding all the various due amounts, paid amounts, and refunds;
    6. Excisable Goods Export/Re-Export - a possibility to submit a notice to the Authority regarding the intention to export or re-export selective goods to be able to submit a refund application through Dhareeba Tax Portal later;
    7. Damaged Selective Goods Refund Notice Service;
    8. Damaged/Lost Excisable Goods Refund - a service by which the Designee may submit an application to refund the selective tax paid for the damaged or lost selective goods for which the damaged or lost goods notification is served through Dhareeba Tax Portal;
    9. Export – Re-Export Refund – a service by which taxpayer may submit an application to refund the selective tax paid for the selective goods in export and re-export of selective goods to submit the export and re-export notification through Dhareeba Tax Portal;
    10. Intermediary Excise Goods Refund - enables the Designee registered at the selective tax to submit a notification for a refund of selective tax paid for selective goods used in the production of other taxable selective goods;
    11. Special ET Refund – Diplomat - a service by which diplomatic and consular authorities, international organizations, and heads and members of diplomatic and consular authorities certified at the State may submit an application for refund of selective tax paid for selective goods through Dhareeba Tax Portal.

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  • Qatar’s tourism sector offers huge opportunities for investors - Qatar Travel Mart Event 2021 -

    Qatar is a welcoming accessible destination that is rooted in its culture. The country’s growing tourism sector offers huge opportunities not only for travellers but also for investors, said experts during Qatar Travel Mart (QTM) 2021.

    Brett Stephenson, Qatar Senior Global Marketing Executive of Qatar Tourism said “Qatar is a country which is waiting to be discovered and we have got all the ingredients to deliver to people and bring them to Qatar. We have beautiful landscapes, beach resorts, amazing culture with outstanding museums and some amazing and inspiring public spaces as well, including world’s best airline and airport,” he added.

    Speaking during one of the sessions on the third day of QTM about Qatar Tourism’s mobile app and digital experience he said, by downloading the app you can browse itineraries and see different areas in 360 degrees, experience the destination and know what you need to do.

    Qatar is safest country in the world with a rich culture, he said. “As Qatar Tourism we are very focused and clear. Qatar is a welcoming accessible destination as it is rooted in its culture and has richness of things to do,” he added. “We recently launched our first ever truly global campaign, and we are showing people that Qatar is a world within itself. We are expecting by the end of the campaign to have 2 billion global views. It is transforming awareness about Qatar and the characters represent visitors and their passion points as they live their adventure in Qatar,” he said.

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