Wage Protection System WPS in Qatar

Wage Protection System (WPS) in Qatar

What is Wage Protection System (WPS)?

The Wage Protection System (WPS), monitored by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) is a system which ensures that employees in Qatar receive their salaries through an electronic salary transfer system. This system enables companies to pay their employees via bank transfer, only if they have registered and are authorised to use the system. MADLSA monitor all payments and maintain an in-depth database of all employees and salary history records to ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time.
WPS is implemented in most GCC countries to reduce Labour Department complaints from employees that salaries are late or not paid at all. This move is to protect employees and to encourage a safe and happy work environment across all working sectors in Qatar.

How can WPS benefit you as an employee?

This system ensures the protection of employees and their rights. The protection of the payment of wages to all employees ensures that salaries are paid in full and on time. The Qatar government can now easily track and monitor any late payments or non-payment of salaries, which can involve hefty fines for the employer.
It is highlighted in the Labour Law that all salaries and other benefits payable to an employee must be paid in Qatari Riyal and transferred directly to the employee’s bank account which is operating in Qatar. The law also mentions that any employee must be paid at least once a month.

What are the penalties of companies in violation?

As per Article 66 of the Labour Law, any employer who violates provisions in relation to payment of wages will be punished by that of imprisonment not exceeding one month or a fine of no less that QR 2,000 and no more than QR 6,000.

All companies operating in the State of Qatar must comply with the WPS regulations otherwise they will be suspended and unable to process any Ministry related matters, including; visa processing, work permits and other important services. A suspension issued to a company due to failing to pay an employee or any other employee payment disputes, can only be lifted by the Minister or his designee. The employer, however, must submit proof that unpaid salaries have been settled to request for a suspension lift.

Qatar strives to be a destination for expats of all nationalities and providing a safe working environment is key to the country’s continued growth. For more information on WPS or any other labour related services, contact Venture Partner Qatar on +974 4478 8765 or email info@vpqatar.com.