Start a business in Qatar, PRO Service, LLC & Business setup in Qatar
Company formation, PRO, LLC services in Doha, Qatar
PRO Service, Company Formation


We will find the most suitable vehicle for your company in Qatar and then guide you through the formation of your business to the point of commercial registration and beyond, if required.

PRO Service, Company Formation


For Company Licencing and Regulatory Approvals as well as individual and employee Visa issues we have direct access to Ministries and Government Departments.

PRO Service, Company Formation


A foreign entity may, in certain circumstances, have no presence in Qatar at all and instead, can appoint an Agent (Commercial Agency) to market and distribute its goods or services in Qatar.


Venture Partner LLC is a 100% Qatari owned company, under British Management.

In Limited Liability Company formation, under Qatari Law, one or more Qataris must own 51% of any company* our structure allows us to partner with foreign investors as the 51% shareholder. This removes from the foreign investor, the necessity to engage in, what may be, a lengthy search to find a suitable local partner.

Venture Partner LLC provides foreign investors with a complete company formation solution and this begins with identifying the correct legal entity for your business. In general, the normal formation routes are via; Limited Liability Company (LLC), Trade Representative Office, Branch Office and Engineering Company Registration.

Times are changing in Qatar and in the not too distant future ‘free zones’ will be created, offering greater diversity for company formation. These types of entity are commonplace in other parts of the Gulf. Already, we have seen the creation of Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) and Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). Qatar is also witnessing changes in the legal system and the new Companies Law, No.11 of 2015 has been issued. We are able to advise you on the changes that this new law brings. Venture Partner LLC has a finger on the pulse of these changes allowing us to give you the most up to date advice. More…


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